Friday’s Freebies #4

Hello music lovers,

This week we have three freebies: 1) Guitar Chords Level 3: The Key of C,  2) Rocky Top on the Ukulele, and 3) Introducing Asher to the Cuatro. The lessons contain videos, tab, and/or chord diagrams. Comments and questions are always welcomed and strongly encourage


Chords Level 3: The Key of C

There are seven basic chords in the key of C. In this video we learn how to play the chords in the key of C with an accompanying backing track.


Rocky Top on the Ukulele

The ukulele has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. Check out Brian’s version of Rocky Top.


Asher is introduced to the Puerto Rican Cuatro


Pioneer Day Tomorrow!

Asher, Simeon, and Brian will be performing at Jesse Jone Park Pioneer Day.

3-4 tomorrow, Saturday, November 9. We would love to see you there!

20634 Kenswick Dr, Humble, TX 77338


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Guitar Goodies

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Friday’s Freebies
Friday’s Freebies