Friday’s Freebie’s #2

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This week we have four freebies: How to memorize chords level 1 for beginning guitarists, How to play Sweet Georgia Brown and an analysis of Honey Suckle Rose for intermediate to advanced guitarists. We also have minor scales for cuatro. All the lessons contain videos, tab, and/or chord diagrams. Comments and questions are always welcome.


Memorizing Chords level 1

Guitar chords level 1 consist of the 7 friendly keys. They are friendly because no barre chords are involved. Memorizing a lot of chords can seem like a daunting task but when you understand the number system the task becomes much easier. The chords in level 1 are what we call the I IV V (Roman numerals) chord progression.

Here it is:
The I, IV, V chord progression.


Sweet Georgia Brown

Sweet Georgia Brown may be the first swing song I learned. My earliest recollection of it is watching the Harlem Globe Trotters on TV when I was a kid. It was their theme song. Anyone raised in the 60s remembers the whistling version of Sweet Georgia Brown. In the following video you will see my ace student, Asher Rives,  performing the classic. I also have versions by the legendary Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, and more. The chords, tab, and melody are also provided.

Here it is:
Sweet Georgia Brown


Analysis of Honey Suckle Rose

Last week I showed you Honey Suckle Rose. Let’s discuss why and how the chords work.

Here it is:
Analysis of Honey Suckle Rose


Minor Scales for Cuatro

In these videos we will learn the pure minor scale and the harmonic minor scales in the key of Dm and how to use them over the Andalusian cadence. The chord progression is know as the Andalusian cadence.

here it is:
part 1
part 2


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Friday’s Freebies
Friday’s Freebies