Friday’s Freebies #1

Hello music lovers,

This week we have three freebies: Chords Level 1 and how to use a capo for beginner guitarists, How to play Honey Suckle Rose for intermediate to advanced guitarists, and how to play Seis Mapeye for Puerto Rican cuatro lovers. All the lessons contain videos, tab, and/or chord diagrams. Comments and questions are always welcome.

Enjoy and thanks!

Chords level 1
and the capo

Guitar chords level 1 consist of the 7 friendly keys. They are friendly because no barre chords are involved. With these chords and a capo you can play in any key. The first video explains how to read the diagrams. The next video explains how to use a capo. You will also find a quiz at the end to see if you are ready to proceed to level 2.

Here it is:
Guitar chords-level-1 and the cap

Honey Suckle Rose

Honey Suckle Rose is a classic song that was composed in 1929, but it never gets old. The music was written by the great Thomas Wright “Fats” Waller (May 21, 1904 – December 15, 1943) and the lyrics by Andy Razaf. It was recorded my countless musicians and it is considered a jazz standard in what has become known as The Great American Song Book. Like most songs by Waller, this song is very upbeat and great for dancing. The lyrics are funny and light hearted. This song seems to always bring a smile to to faces in the audience.

Here it is:
Honey Suckle- Rose

How to Play Seis Mapeye on the Puerto Rican cuatro

Seis Mapeye is a song I was introduced to me by a Puerto Rican friend. In the video you’ll see me playing the melody. The tab and backing track is also provided.

here it is:
Seis Mapeye

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