Fridays Freebies #3

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This week we have four freebies: 1) Guitar chords Level 2: The Key of G,  2) The swing classic, After You’ve Gone, 3) Silent Night on the Puerto Rican cuatro, and 4) Ask Asher, live stream #2. The lessons contain videos, tab, and/or chord diagrams. Comments and questions are always welcomed and strongly encouraged!

Chords Level 2: The Key of G

In our previous lesson I discussed chords: level 1.  We simply learned the 3 most common chords in each of the 7 guitar friendly keys. In level 2 we will learn to enrich the same chords using notes from the major scale (diatonic notes) that are not in the basic chords. By adding these notes we will construct the add9, sus4, 6, Maj 7, and the dominant 9 chords.

Here it is:
Chords Level 2: The Key of G


After You’ve Gone

After You’ve Gone may be as old as jazz itself. It was written by composer, Turner Layton, in the 1918. Every jazz legend has performed or recorded this song from the Great American Song Book. Django Reinhardt, Al Jolson, Gene Krupa, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, and many more have made this song part of their repertoire. Originally it was a slower song but it can be played at any tempo. Compare the Fiona Apple with John Pizzarelli’s version in the videos below and you’ll see what I mean. Joscho Stephan is a gypsy jazz guitarist from the school of Django. If you are not familiar with gypsy jazz, watching Joscho is a great place to start. The chords are provided below the videos.

Here it is:
After You’ve Gone


Silent Night on the Puerto Rican Cuatro

here it is!

Silent Night


Ask Asher

Asher Rives is my twelve year old student and co-host of our live streams. In our second stream we discuss guitars and compare contemporary music to music from the golden age of radio. Is music from my generation better than contemporary music? See what Asher has to say.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future streams feel free to email me.

here it is:
Ask Asher: Live Stream #2


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