What is a minor blues scale?

The minor blues scale is a musical scale that is commonly used in blues, jazz, and rock music. It is derived from the natural minor scale with the addition of a lowered fifth (also known as the “blue note”). The formula for the minor blues scale is as follows:

1 – ♭3 – 4 – ♭5 – 5 – ♭7 – 1

For example, in the key of A minor, the notes of the A minor blues scale would be:

A – C – D – D♯/E♭ – E – G – A

The lowered fifth (♭5) or the “blue note” is one of the defining characteristics of the blues sound. It adds a distinctive bluesy and melancholic quality to the scale. The minor blues scale is often used in improvisation and soloing over blues chord progressions, and it can create a moody and expressive atmosphere in music.

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