My 2020 Experience and Freebies for You!

Humble Music Center is no longer in business. We have been in business since 1972. I joined them in 1979 at the age of 25. Elaine Garland Mitchell, with her multiple talents, was the person most responsible for the store’s longevity. Her brother, Gene Garland,  accompanied her with his repairs and unique sense of humor. “Ringo”  Rod Robert, Elaine’s son, added his multiple talents to the mix. Dale Webb, Misty Webb, and Chet Garland also contributed to the stores success.

Thank you all!

The best part of my career has been making friends and developing relationships with our students, customers, and associates.  A very special thanks to everyone for supporting us all these years and making it possible.

Even though this chapter is over, I will continue to teach in person and online. God has blessed me with family, friends, health, and a good life. I intend to continue teaching, performing, and creating as long as possible.

Thank You!

Brian Turner

aka Dr. Brianstine


2020 has certainly been unusual. In March my business dropped 80% almost overnight. I had some students that switched to online lessons but most were put on hold. All gigs stopped and Humble Music Center went out of business. That is the negative side of my 2020 experience. Otherwise, a lot of positive things happened in 2020. First, I had already made a goal on January 1 to create 100 videos on YouTube in 2020. When my work dropped off I immediately started making videos. I reached my goal of 100 before the end of April. I now have a total of almost 400. Second, I had been thinking for a long time that I wanted to raise chickens. When I went to Walmart in March and there were no chickens on the shelves that settled it. My good friend, Glenn Miller, volunteered to help me build a chicken coop. We built it and I bought eight pullets (baby chickens) and began raising chickens. One chicken is older than the others and she gives me an egg every morning. The others are still young but they should start producing any day now. Third, realizing small businesses could be in trouble in 2020, I converted part of my garage into a studio, with the gracious help of my friend Kris Rives. I teach some of my students and create videos in my new studio. I am also doing lesson house calls, teaching online, and teaching one day a week at Music and Arts. My lessons have come back substantially. I also picked up a gig at the new Chachi’s Next Door, which is in the same location of Cafe Du Bois, where I performed for years. I am usually there on Saturday nights but it is an outdoor gig so I only play when the weather is good. I know all of this pales in comparison to what many have been through this year. My prayers are for those that have had their health affected. We pray and hope it passes soon.

This month I have some freebie videos for guitar, ukulele, bass and cuatro students. If you watch till the end you will have links to the next levels. If there is a particular lesson you would like to see send me a comment. I hope you enjoy!

Beginner Guitar:

Intermediate Guitar:



Puerto Rican cuatro:

Friday’s Freebies
Friday’s Freebies