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Hello to All!

The best advantage of teaching online is that you can, very easily, record your lesson as we go. Also, you can do it from the comfort of your home, with a more flexible schedule, and I create custom videos to supplement your lesson. These are some of the things we all learn from the fast changes we’re seeing lately.

As the sayin’ goes, “A lot of water under the bridge since we last met”. I pray you are all faring well during the lockdown. I know life has changed drastically for many of us. I pray we get trough this soon. I would love to correspond with you and hear what you are up to during this time. As for me, some students have elected to hold off until we can meet in person, while others have elected to take lessons online. Fortunately, I had already been teaching online for years so I was somewhat prepared. But, my wife is a school teacher, so they had to scramble to come up with a plan.

What I have been doing is creating videos. On January 1 of this year I set a goal to produce 100 videos this year. Of course I did not anticipate the lockdown, but since the lockdown I have created over 60. I really enjoy the process of making videos. It seems like I learn something new with each video. I am amazed by the tools available for us on our computers in the comfort of our homes. I have also organized my playlists and worked on the look of my YouTube channel. In this edition you will find several of my new videos. I have added some extra videos since many of you are home more. I tried to include something for everyone. Notice the last (but not least) video is guitar student and content creator Asher Rives. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel and say hi. I hope you enjoy the videos.

If you are interested in lessons you might want to consider the online option.

Advantages to learning online

It is easy to record your lesson
Custom videos to supplement your lesson
The comfort of your home
Flexible schedule

Regardless, I would love to hear from you!


Just one more thing: reviews, subscribes, and such helps immensely. I would be very grateful for your support and a special thanks to those that already have.

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