Music Theory Quiz For Guitar Students : 10 Questions

1. Using tones and semi-tones (whole steps and half steps), how do you construct a diatonic major scale?
2. What three intervals of the major scale are used to construct a major triad?
3. What are the five types of triads and what intervals construct these triads?
4. What is the difference between a Major 7 chord (CMaj7) and a Dominant 7 (C7) chord?
5. What are the seven triads in the key of C?
6. What is the difference between a minor pentatonic scale and a minor blues scale?
7. Why is Am called the relative minor of C major?
8. What are the three blue notes?
9. How is a C9 chord different than a Cadd9?
10. What does pentatonic mean?

The answers to the quiz will be on the next blog post.

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