Who is The Greatest Guitarist in the World?

I am continually asked, “Who is the greatest guitarist in the world?” The question is like asking someone what is the prettiest color. I would say blue, but, as soon as I do, someone will want to argue that red is prettier.  Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Some of my favorite guitarists aren’t even listed in greatest guitarists articles that are seen online or in magazines. And, some that are listed, do not appeal to me at all. Having said that, let us narrow the field, and ask, “Who is the greatest living guitarist?” Many people would say, and I would not argue with them, that Tommy Emmanuel is the best guitarist living. I have seen him live three times and he is like none I have ever seen. I have heard a couple people say Doyle Dykes is The King, but I have not seen him live.

I have compiled a list of my favorite guitarists. I have listed my favorite four from each decade since 1930’s. If yours isn’t listed, my apologies, they are my favorite.
The Greatest… I Mean, My Favorite Guitarists

Django Reinhardt (Hot Club Of France)
Charlie Christian (Benny Goodman Orchestra)
Oscar Aleman
Robert Johnson

Freddie Green (Count Basie)
Oscar Moore (Nat King Cole)
Herb Ellis
T_Bone Walker

Les Paul
Chet Atkins
Joe Maphis
Muddy Waters

The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix
Joe Pass
Nokie Edwards (The Ventures)

Jeff Beck
David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
Steve Howe (Yes)
Steve Hackett (Genesis)

Steve Morse
Eric Johnson
Phil Keaggy
Adrian Belew

Danny Gatton
Michael Hedges
John Jorgenson (especially his gypsy jazz shows)
Leo Kottke

Tommy Emmanuel
Doyle Dykes
John Pizzarelli
Howard Alden

Watch Tommy on You Tube: Tommy Emmanuel performing Guitar Boogie.

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