The Chieftains and Celtic Music

This weeks questions are many. If you need more time I don’t mind.

1. Write an essay about the Chieftains.
2. What instruments do they play?
3. What is Celtic Music?
4. What is dadgad tuning?
5. What is a reel?
6. What is a hornpipe?
7. What is a jig?
8. What is a breakdown?
9. What is a country rag?
10. What is an Air?
11. What is rubato?
12. What is a march?
13. What is swing eighth notes?
14. What is a shuffle rhythm?
15. What is Riverdance?
16. Name three more Celtic performers.
17. What is the difference in uilleann pipes and bag pipes?
18. What is a Bohron?
19. What is a Djembe?
20. Who is Turlough O’Carolan
21. Who is Brian Boru?

tip: Many of the answers can be found in The Fiddler’s Fake Book by David Brody.

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Friday’s Freebies