Spring 2021

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Spring is here and the weather is nice. It is good to see people out and enjoying the sunshine.

Last month I started a series called Essential Listening. I shared two videos of the classic Cavatina, by Stanley Meyers, and asked my students to answer 10 questions about the song. The response was great! I had many students that replied in writing and others with an aural response.

Also, I offered a prize (a guitar cleaning kit) to the student with the response that pleased me the most. I had many great responses, but the prize goes to Ciera Staton for her effort. Congratulations Ciera!

The first one was a learning experience for me. I would like to do the next one differently:

1. I would like to have written answers in text so I can copy, paste, or manipulate your text allowing me to put it in my blog (with your permission of course).

2. I would like an aural response also.

Please email me your answers instead of texting.  email Brian: brian@guitarlessonsbybrian.com

This months song is :


An assignment for students:

Listen to Definitely Maybe no less than two times from beginning to end. Leave all devices and siblings in a different room. ABSOLUTELY NO DISTRACTIONS.

The questions:

  1. Who is Jeff Beck?
  2. What style(s) of music does Jeff Beck play?
  3. How does he get those sounds on his guitar? What is unique about this song? What devices or gadgets does he use to get his sound?
  4. What famous musicians recorded with Jeff?
  5. What brand of guitar(s) does he use?
  6. What kind of amplifier does he use?
  7. Where was he born and raised?
  8. Name two more songs by Jeff.
  9. What other instruments do you hear on Definitely Maybe?
  10. Do You like this song? How would you rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being fantastic.
  11. Is there another song by Jeff that you like better?

The student with the best answers wins a prize. If you are not presently a student you are encouraged to participate but only students are eligible for the prize.

Something for beginner guitar and ukulele students:


Something for beginner ukulele students:


Something for intermediate guitar students: A playlist of 23 Classic Intros


Something for those interested in classical guitar:


Donner guitar review:

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