Fridays’s Freebies #7: Chords 3, Hotel California, Joel White, and The Fretboard

Guitar Chords level 3

There are 7 basic chords in each key. Each chord is given a number name usually designated by Roman numerals. For example , in the key of C, C is the I chord, Dm is the ii, Em is the iii, F is IV, G is V, Am is vi, and B dim is vii. Majors use upper case and minors or dim use lower case Roman numerals.

The exercises in this playlist are in the keys of C, G, D, and A. These keys are more guitar friendly because they require only a few partial barre chords. The remaining 8 keys require full barre chords and are discussed in upcoming lessons. When discussing keys, there are 2 things they all have in common: 1) All 12 keys are in alphabetical order. 2) The I, IV, and V chords are major. The ii, iii, and vi chords are minor, and the vii chords are diminished. This is true for all 12 keys. What they do not have in common is the amount of sharps (#) and flats (b). The videos below provide diagrams for the chords and accompaniment tracks.


Hotel California on the Puerto Rican cuatro

The classic song by The Eagles seems to have universal appeal. The rhythm track for the intro and verse was done on a 12 string with a capo on the 7th fret. The cuatro sounds great on songs that use a 12 string.


Joel White, guitarist for The One O’clock Lab Band at The University of North Texas

Joel, and his dad Eric, dropped in to visit during the Christmas holiday. If you have not heard of The One O’clock Lab Band, it is the number one band at UNT and is considered one of the best in the nation.  I recorded Joel playing the Peanuts classic Christmas song. I recorded it on my phone and we only did one take! Joel will be traveling to New York City in January to perform at the Lincoln Center. The concert, featuring the top 10 college jazz bands, will be hosted by the legendary Winton Marsalis. Joel will be graduating in May. My how time flies!


Learn the Neck

Understanding and memorizing the notes on the entire fretboard is essential for mastering the guitar. This playlist has 4 videos with 4 methods for knowing the fretboard.


Guitar Talk:

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