Essential Listening: Charlie Christian

Whether you are an artist, poet, writer, architect, or a musician it is essential to study the masters and classics to gain knowledge in your chosen field. Listening and watching great musicians inspires the guitar student to practice more and work harder to achieve his goals. Part of being a good musician is finding good music to listen to. Creating a library of music is very important for the guitar student. To do so, we need¬† to dig much deeper than the local radio stations. Go to the roots of the tree. Find out who your favorite guitarists listened to. The sources for research are unlimited with today’s technology.

Charlie played with Benny Goodman for a brief period in the late 1930s before his untimely death.. He was one of the first to play the electric guitar. He has influenced every major jazz guitarist that has come afterwards. In my opinion, he is the most influential of all jazz guitarists. My favorite songs of his are Flying Home, Till Tom Special, and Seven Come Eleven. They are on the Benny Goodman Sextet recordings.

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