An Analysis of Cuckoo Cacoon by Steve Hackett of Genesis

I have been enjoying working on Cuckoo Cacoon from the Genesis Album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Steve’s playing is very sophisticated. He uses tons of slash chords. Check it out:

The A section:

DMaj9 to CMaj7 several times.

Then, Dm7/G    G/F    A    A/G    F#m7    G#m7 (#5)    F#/B

B section (flute solo acc.)

Em7/A    Dm7/G    D/C    B♭6    Dm    B♭6     B ♭    Cadd9    D/F#

If you look at the chords it looks more like a jazz song doesn’t it? Steve Hackett was a big part of the early Genesis sound.






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