15 accessories for your gig bag

Have you ever gone to a gig only to find you forgot something you need? When playing a gig we need all the essential tools to be the best we can be. We want to be relaxed so we can enjoy playing music without worrying about problems caused when we forget our guitar accessories.

When I go to a gig I have two suit cases. One suit case has everything I need for my gig. But, it has nothing that I do not need. So, when I get to the gig and set up the suit case is totally empty. The other suit case is rarely opened. It has spare accessories of anything I might need. But, it is only opened when I break a string or a cable goes bad. I try not to use anything from the suit cases when I am practicing at home. I have separate accessories I use at home. When it is time for a gig I throw the suit cases in my truck. When I get to the gig I am set up and ready to play in 15 minutes. It has been an efficient system that works well for me. I just wish I was this organized with every other aspect in my life. Listed below are 15 accessories every musician should keep in his gig bag. Feel free to add other comments.


1. Picks

2. Strings

3. Guitar end pins

4. A Cable

5. Wire cutters

6. An extension cord

7. A flash light

8. batteries for pedals and accessories

9. An electronic tuner

10. Fingernail file and clippers

11. Calling cards

12. A capo

13. A tip jar (primed with a ten dollar bill)

14. strap

15. A electrical multiple plug junction box



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