Songs for guitar

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red = chord melody arrangements
teal = series or more than one version




alice’s restaurant: chords and lyrics only, no tab

alice’s restauran:t tab

all along the watchtower: jimi hendrix tab

all my lovin: solo

amazing grace: beginner

ashokan farewel:l (tab, solo guitar arr. drop D 2 octaves, 2 pages)

aura lee: chord melody

aura lee: beginner level 1

aura lee: beginner level 2

baby please don’t go: beginner

backed to birmingham



beware of darkness

Big bad road: lonnie johnson tab

birthday song: beginner



blackbird brian

blackbird x

black magic woman

blue eyes crying in the rain

boil them cabbage

breaking up is hard to do C

boxer chords




california_dreaming capo5

canon low G

can’t buy me love

cant help falling in love: elvis, chord melody

can’t help falling in love: easy chords and lyrics

can’t you see marshall tucker (tab, details) *

color my world  (chord diagrams)

color my world

come together


creeque alley


day tripper: tab, chords, lyrics, lead, details *

dear prudence

deep river blues tab

desperado: chord melody

do re me song

don’t fence me in

don’t let it bring you down

dream a little_dream_of me: chord_melody

eight days a week

estudio: tab

every time you go away: key of D

every time you go away: key of F

fathers day song

freight train: tab

freight train: chet version

friends: led zepplin tab


funiculi funicula

georgia: chord_melody


green onions: beginner

greensleeves: arnie berle chord melody

green river: tab, details, lyrics

green river (easier to read, chords, lyrics, tab riff) *

hard times killing floor: from  oh brother where art thou? open Dm tuning, tab, details *


henry: tab intro to maggie may the rod stuart classic


hey, good lookin’: hank williams, easy chords and lyrics

home and the  heartland: from riverdance, chord melody in the first position



horizon: genesis, foxtrot, tab *

hot rod lincoln: tab l

hotel california

hotel california: acoustic version

house of the rising sun: beginner chords and melody

i ain’t got nobody: chords and lyrics

i feel fine

I know a little

i’ll be back

if i fell: chord  melody arrangement by brian turner

if you don’t know me by now: key of B

if you don’t know me by now: key of Bb

if you don’t know me by now: key of C

im a believer

in my life

jimi hendrix: electric ladyland*

john ryan’s polka: tab, chords, and notation.

just dropped in: by Mickey Newbury

key to the highway

key to the highway: drop D

la bamba: lyrics only

la bamba: intro, chords, and rhythm

la bamba: – the song in C

la grange

la paloma chord melody



lazing on a sunny afternoon

like a rolling stone

like a rolling stone: beginner by bob dylan

little_wing: srv

looking out my back door: ccr

long cool woman with a black dress: the hollies tab *

make it with you


maxwells silver hammer



michelle: solo

mood for a day: tab

mean mr. mustard abbey road medley

navajo trail



old chunk of coal: tab, chords, and notation. travis picking advanced.

Old Joe Clark: a series of lessons for learning Old Joe Clark on guitar.


only you: key of E

only you: key of Eb

orange blossom special

over the rainbow: chord melody key of G

over the rainbow (easy in C)

a perfect day by lou reed


poncho and lefty

Pretty woman

ray’s_favorite: celtic tune

return to pooh corner: chords, piano arr, lyrics

red house: jimi hendrix tab

right string baby but the  wrong yoyo

robert johnson 1

robert johnson 2

rocky mountain high: John Denver, tab in drop d

romance, romanza: spanish classical

san antone rose

secret agent man

seis mapeye: puerto rican folk song

sitting on a dock dock of the bay

sixteen tons: chords only




sounds of silence

space oddity


stiill_you_turn_me_on: tab

still_you_turn_me_on: chords and lyrics



stormy weather: tab, chords

stormy weather

strawberry fields forever


sultans of swing

summer breeze

summer in the city


surfer girl by The Beach Boys. Accompaniment chords with chord diagrams. Chord melody arrangement for solo guitar in tab. Five pdf pages total.

surfer girl: chord melody

suzy q: ccr, tab, melody, lead solo, no lyrics*

sweet baby james

sweet pea

swinging_over the_rainbow



that’s life

this masquerade: by leon russel chords and lyrics only

this masquerade: chords

thunder road

time in a bottle bottle: intro

time in a bottle: tab

times they are changing

tocatta and fugue


unchained melody

under the double eagle: page 1

under the double eagle: page 2

you’ve got a friend

ventura highway


walk don’t run *

what’s a  matter with the mill: chords

when a man loves a woman: chords and lyrics

whiter shade of pale

whiter shade of pale

wildwood flower: level 1

wild wood: level 2

wild world


wish you were here: easy chords and lyrics. no tab

wish you were here: tab pdf and lyrics

with a little help from my friends

wouldn’t it be_nice

yankee doodle dixie


yesterday: chord melody


you’re so vain: chords, lyrics only

you’ve got a friend



a good man is hard to find:  chord chart only. no lyrics or melody.

ace_in_hole:  lyrics with chords. chord chart with measures. guitar chord diagrams. no tab or notation melody.

after you’ve gone: one page. chord chart with measures. no lyrics, tab, or notation.

after_you_gone: three pages in the key of Bb. chords and measures. chord diagrams. no melody notes or tab.

after_you’ve_gone, all: seven pages. melody notes and tab in octaves. chord diagrams. variety of chord voicings.

after_you’ve_gone 3 two pages. CHORD MELODY. tab, notation, and chord diagrams.

after_you_gone 1,2,3: three pages. starts simple in the first postion using tab or notation. chord diagrams. higher octave. ending with CHORD MELODY. this is one of my favorite.

after_you_gone 2: high octave melody in tab or notation with chord diagrams.

after you’ve gone: real book chord charts

key G

key  Eb

key C

key Bb

aint_misbehaving: a systematic approach to learning the song as a solo CHORD MELODY in the key of G. tabs and chord diagrams.



ain’t she sweet: two pages. lyrics with chords and measures. no tab or notation melody.

alabama jubilee: one page. chords and measures only. no lyrics, tab, or notation melody.

all of me: eight pages. chord diagrams. tab and notation of melody. CHORD MELODY. a lot of details.

all of me: three pages. fake book lead sheet. chord diagrams of subs and extensions I use to spruce it up. great chord study similar to Micky Baker chords.

all of me complete: a systematic approach to learn the CHORD MELODY. tabs and notation of the melody.

angelina (by Tommy Emmanuel, tab and notation solo guitar arrangement)*

autumn leaves 1:  the ‘head’ or lead sheet. the melody in tab, notation, chords with diagrams, and the lyrics. tip: always learn the head first. this means learning the melody, the lyrics, and the chords.

autumn leaves 2:  chord melody lower register.

autumn leaves 3:  chord melody higher register.

basin street blues: one page. a basic fake book lead sheet only.

beaumont rag: chords and measures only.

big time woman Bb: one page. chords and lyrics only.

big_bad_bill F: five pages. lyrics with chords and CHORD MELODY.

bill bailey

black orpheus: chord melody tab and chord diagrams. chords and measures only. no melody or diagrams.

blue_moon: chords, measures, and chord diagrams. no melody.

blue skies: one page. chords and measures only.

blues 1

blues 2

blues country 3

blues country open tunings

blues for dixie: one page. chords and lyrics only.

bring it on down to my house: one page. chords and measures only.

bye bye blues: one page. chords and measures only.

caravan: lead sheet. one in C and one in E.

djangology: fake book lead sheet. chords and notation of melody.

don’t get around much: one page. fake book sheet. chords, measures, notation melody.

five foot two C: one page. chords, and measures only

five_foot two: two pages. CHORD MELODY, tab.

Variations of Fly Me To The Moon
a systematic way to learn the song from the beginner level to advanced.

fly me to the moon: part 1: one page. lead sheet. chords and melody. no tab.

fly me to the moon: part 2: two pages. melody in the first position using tab only.

fly me to the moon: part 3: two pages. the same melody in the 1st position but harmonized creating chord melody. tab only.

fly me to the moon: part 4: four pages. the same melody an octave higher and in the 5th position. tab only.

fly me to the moon: part 5: two pages. chord diagrams only. barre chords preparing us for the full blown jazz chord melody. no more kid stuff!

fly me to the moon: part 6: four pages. full blown chord melody. advanced. tab and chord diagrams.

fly me to the moon: part 7:two pages. more chord voicings for more chord melody. chord diagrams only.

fly me to the moon: part 8: four pages. full blown CHORD MELODY with some different voicings. advanced. tab and chord diagrams.

fly me to the moon: part 9: one page. modes for improvising over the change of fly me to the moon.

girl from ipanema:  lead sheet fake book only.

girl from ipanema: chord melody in tab and chord diagrams.

goody_goody: lyrics, chords, chord diagrams.

honey suckle rose: key of F chords.

honey_pie: chords, chord melody, tab. no lyrics.

i can’t give you anything but love: chords

i’m_gonna_sit_right: key of C, lyrics, chords, chord diagrams, CHORD MELODY, tab.

it_don’t_mean_thing:_key of gm, fake book sheet.

it_had_to_be_you: lyrics, chords, measures.

it’s a sin to tell a lie one page. lyrics, chords.

it’s a sin to tell a lie

i’ve got rhythm one page. chords, measures, chord diagrams.

i’ve got rhythm level 1 beginner

i’ve got rhythm in the key of C

i’ve got rhythm 2

i’ve got rhythm in the key of Bb

i’ve got rhythm in the key of F level 1

i’ve got rhythm level 2

ive heard that song before :lyrics, chords.

just a gigolo: lyrics, chords.


lady be good:fake book lead sheet. no melody.

lets_call_the_whole thing off: key of_G, chords, lyrics.

lime house blues: lead sheet fake book. chords, measures, melody. no tab.

minor swing: lead sheet fake book. chords, measures, melody. no tab.

misty: key of G

Misty: chord melody key of Eb

new york state of mind

on the sunny side of the street: key of C, chords, lyrics, melody. no tab

over the rainbow swing : chords

perfidia: chord melody in the key of G

perfidia: chords, and chord melody.

please don’t talk about me when i’m gone: chords, measures.

puttin on the ritz: chords, measures.

red hot moma one page. chords, measures.

right or wrong: chords, measures, lyrics.

satin doll: chords

saint_james_infirmary: chiord melody

saint james infimary: fake book lead sheet. chords, melody in notation. no tab.

saint louis blues: one page. chords, measures.

scotch and soda: lyrics, chords.

shine: key of Eb. lyrics, chords.

shine on harvest moon: key of G two pages. lyrics, chords.

sitting on top world: key of G, chords, measures.

st lous blues: chords and melody

stormy weather: lead sheet, chords, melody notation. no tab.

stormy_weather: chord diagrams.

stormy weather: chords

stormy weather: chords

stranger_on_shore:  piano sheet music. chords. chord diagrams.

straighten up fly right: chords, measures.

sweet georgia brown: key of G, chords, measures.

sweet georgia brown: chords, measures, melody in tab.

sweet georgia brown: key of F, tab, melody, chord diagrams, arpeggios for improvising.

sweet georgia brown: melody in second position, key F, tab, use with dix bruce trax)

sweet sue: chords, measures, melody notation, no tab.

swing 42: lead sheet. chords, measures, melody notation, no tab.

swing 42: chords

tears: by Django, chords.

until the real thing comes along: key of C

what a difference a day makes (made)

what a difference a day makes:  key of F

why don’t you do right?

you belong to me: chord melody



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