Major triads on guitar

Root position major triads

The root position major triad has three intervals: the root or 1, the Major 3rd, and the perfect 5th. The intervals are in sequential order from low pitch to high. Each triad is identified by the root note (red diamond). The first triad below has a root note on the sixth string, fourth fret. Therefore, the triad is A♭. If we move the chord up one fret, we have A, move up another fret we have B♭ and so on. So, below we have four fingerings for all twelve root position major triads.


First inversions

The first inversion brings the root to the top. Therefore, the order of notes is 3, 5, R (low to high).


Second inversions

The second inversion brings the third to the top. Therefore, the order of notes is 5, R, 3 (low to high).

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