Open C Tuning

Open C tuning is a method of tuning a guitar in which the strings are tuned to the notes of a C major chord. This tuning allows guitarists to play a C major chord without having to fret any of the strings, hence the name “open” tuning. The notes for open C tuning, starting from the lowest (6th) string to the highest (1st) string, are typically C, G, C, G, C, E. This tuning configuration can produce a very rich and resonant sound, making it popular for certain styles of music, such as folk, blues, and slide guitar playing. The specific tuning sequence is:

  1. The 6th string (E) is tuned down two whole steps to C.
  2. The 5th string (A) is tuned down one whole step to G.
  3. The 4th string (D) remains the same, tuned to C (one step down from standard tuning).
  4. The 3rd string (G) remains the same.
  5. The 2nd string (B) is tuned up one half step to C.
  6. The 1st string (E) remains the same.

Open C tuning lends itself well to a variety of musical genres and has been used in many songs across rock, folk, and alternative music.

Friends is an example of open C tuning. Let me know if you know other songs in open C?


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