My First Guitar lesson

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The gold links below are excerpts from my book How To Play Guitar. I recommend that you purchase the book for your guitar lessons.  You will also need The Progressive Method Book One by Gary Turner. Ask your teacher where you can buy them.


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Learning to play a guitar is like taking a very long trip. When taking a trip, we make plans. We spread out a map and chart out a path that helps us reach our destination. In today’s world, technology brings us an abundance of sources. Though sources are unlimited, they can also be distractive. We may find ourselves hopping from one thing to another and losing our focus. When learning to play the guitar, it is crucial to have a guide that will keep us focused on the essentials, so that we can reach our goals. We need to keep our eyes on the road that is before us, turning neither to the left nor to the right. How to Play Guitar: A Method Book for Beginners is a map that will help you reach your destination. I hope you embrace this journey and develop the love of music that I have!

Brian Turner

Listen To Music


Parts Of The Guitar




Chords and Rhythms In The Key Of G


Technique and the Chromatic Scale


C Major Scale


Lead, Melody, and Improvisation


Lead, Melody, and Improvisation part 2


Guitar Talk (Brian’s Blog)



 Congratulations Joel White! Joel is number 1 in Texas. He placed first in All State Jazz Band. And, that is only one of the many awards.



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