Essential Listening #30: Romanza (Spanish Romance)

“Romanza” (Spanish Romance)


  • A traditional Spanish piece, often attributed to the 19th century.
  • The exact composer is unknown, though it’s sometimes credited to various composers like Antonio Rubira or Francisco Tárrega.

Musical Style:

  • A classical guitar piece characterized by its romantic and melancholic melody.
  • Typically played in the key of E minor, featuring a simple yet emotive structure.


  • Composed of two main sections: a minor key theme followed by a contrasting major key section.
  • Uses arpeggiated chords and a flowing melody.


  • Widely popular in the classical guitar repertoire for its beauty and accessibility.
  • Often one of the first pieces learned by guitar students due to its straightforward yet expressive nature.

Cultural Impact:

  • Featured in films, TV shows, and commercials, enhancing its popularity.
  • Recognized for its evocative and romantic sound, making it a favorite at weddings and recitals.


  • Recorded and performed by numerous classical guitarists, each bringing their unique interpretation.
  • Continues to be a staple piece, beloved for its timeless appeal and emotional depth.

“Romanza” (Spanish Romance) remains an iconic and cherished piece in the

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