Essential Listening #29: Malagueña



  • A traditional Spanish song, originally part of the Andalusian folk music genre.


  • Written by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona in 1928 as part of his Suite Andalucia.

Musical Style:

  • Combines elements of flamenco and classical Spanish music.
  • Characterized by passionate guitar playing and intricate fingerpicking.


  • Typically features fast-paced guitar arpeggios, strong rhythms, and dramatic melodies.


  • Often includes themes of love and longing, though many instrumental versions exist.

Notable Performances:

  • Covered by numerous artists in various styles, including guitar virtuosos like Paco de Lucía and Carlos Montoya.
  • Also performed by orchestras and pianists, showcasing its versatility.

Cultural Impact:

  • Became popular worldwide, symbolizing the flair and passion of Spanish music.
  • Frequently used in dance and as a showpiece for classical guitarists.


  • Considered a staple in flamenco and classical guitar repertoires.
  • Revered for its technical difficulty and emotional expression.

“Malagueña” remains a beloved and iconic piece in the Spanish and classical music repertoire, celebrated for its fiery spirit and intricate musicality.

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