Chords Level 1 and a Quiz

In chords level 1 there are 7 keys with each key containing 3 chords. I refer to these chords as ‘guitar friendly’ chords because there are no barre chords (harder chords) involved.

  1. Memorize all of the chords and be able to change chords quick. You will not be satisfied with your playing until you can change chords quickly. Find some easy song that use the chords to make it more fun.
  2. Know what 3 chords are in each key.



3. Know the root notes (1st interval) and the alternate bass notes (5th interval) of all chords:






What are the 3 basic chords in the following keys (The I, IV, V chord progression)?

  1. G:
  2. Em:
  3. D:
  4. A:
  5. E:
  6. Am:
  7. C:

What strings do you pluck to get the bass (root) and alternate bass (5th interval) notes when playing the boom chick rhythm on the following chords?  A hint: It’s never string 1, 2, or 3.

  1. G
  2. C
  3. D7
  4. Em
  5. Am
  6. B7
  7. D
  8. G
  9. A7
  10. A
  11. E7
  12. E
  13. Dm
  14. F
  15. G7

What is the main purpose of a capo?

We need to score 100 before proceeding to level 2.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

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