Bass Lessons 1

The links bass-2-3 etc. are pdf.s of the lessons.

  1. books
  2. horizontal chromatic scale bass-2-3
  3. horizontal c major scale
  4. octaves bass-4-5-6
  5. major scales and intervals in the open position
  6. major scales and intervals in the second position
  7. root notes bass-7
  8. 12 bar blues using roots, four to the bar bass-8-9
  9. 12 bar blues using roots and 5ths, two to the bar
  10. 12 bar blues using major arpeggios, four to the bar bass-10
  11. cycle of 5ths bass-11
  12. cycle of 5ths (continued) bass-12
  13. arpeggios and inversions
  14. bass_five_scales


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