Augmented triads on guitar

The augmented triad has three intervals: the root or 1, the 3, and the #5. Each triad is identified by the root note (red diamond). The augmented  chord is unique for several reasons. First, it is symmetrical. These intervals are all two whole tones apart. That is, 1 to 3 is a major third distance (two whole tones). The distance from 3 to #5 is also two whole tones. This is why I say the augmented triad is symmetrical. Second, any note of the chord can be the root. For example,  C + (aug) is also E+,  and G#+. So, by knowing one augmented chord you actually know three. The third reason the augmented is unique is because the chord inverts every four frets (every major third). In other words, if I take C + and slide it up the fret board four frets, I have the same three notes — the same chord. I simply played an inversion or a different voicing of the same chord. Slide up four more frets and it inverts again.


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