A Million Views, 10,000 Subscribers, and 850 Videos

My YouTube channel (Guitar Lessons By Brian) now has over a million visits, 10,000 subscribers, and over 800 videos.


The YouTube channel “Guitar Lessons By Brian” is run by Brian Turner, a dedicated guitar instructor with a wealth of experience in teaching various string instruments. Brian Turner taught at Humble Music Center from 1979 until 2020, after which he relocated to Porter where he continues his teaching. He has created over 800 videos on YouTube, covering a wide range of topics related to guitar and other string instruments. His channel and website offer a plethora of instructional materials that he has developed over the years, including PDF files, web pages, and videos. Brian’s lessons are not limited to guitar; he also provides instruction for bass guitar, lap steel guitar, dobro, mandolin, ukulele (in various sizes), Puerto Rican cuatro, bouzouki, and banjo.

Brian has been providing in online lessons since 2011 and emphasizes the benefits of online learning, such as the ability to provide custom videos to complement the lessons. His approach to teaching involves using a combination of digital materials and traditional books that have proven effective over time. The preparation for online lessons is mostly on the teacher’s end, and Brian is committed to guiding his students through the learning process, making it as seamless as possible.

For those interested in enhancing their guitar skills or learning a new string instrument, “Guitar Lessons By Brian” offers a comprehensive resource filled with valuable lessons, tips, and tricks. You can find more about his lessons and instructional materials on his YouTube channel and website, guitarlessonsbybrian.com​​​​​​.

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