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Relative Minor an Major Pentatonic Scales Explained.

Check out my you tube channel for my newest videos.

Brian’s You Tube Channel

Videos for my book

I begin my videos in the morning. There will be approximately 150 videos of all the exercises in my book How To Play Guitar . They will be available on You Tube for FREE.

Guitar Talk

Did You Know?


I have over fifty videos on You Tube.

Many of the videos are free lessons. Some are performances with other musicians, and some are solo performances. My newest  series of videos (6 total) are titled How To Play, Memorize, And Use The Blues Scale On Guitar. As the name implies, it is a systematic approach to learning the Blues scale on guitar and it’s free!  Part one can be viewed below. The other videos can be accessed on my You Tube channel at guitar lessons by brian. Feel Free to share it with your friends.



I perform at Cafe Du Bois every weekend.

If you like great food, and live music, I would love for you to visit us at Cafe Du Bois. Cafe Du Bois has live music Thursdays through Saturdays. They also have special events throughout the week. You can view their schedule at Cafe Du Bois.

Free Lessons are available!

If you have been thinking about taking lessons but you have been putting it off, now is a great time to start. If you pay for four lessons in September, the fifth lesson is free. If you take lessons already, tell a friend about the lessons. If he (or she) pays for four, he will get the fifth lesson free. Plus, you will get a free lesson also. So, tell a friend!

Home School Discounts are also available!

If you are home schooled and are interested in taking lessons before 3 PM during the week, you qualify for a discount.

Family Discounts also.

If you have other family members interested in music lessons, you are eligible for a discount.

Skype lessons are an option for people out of town.

Do you know someone that wants lessons but lives out of town? I have been teaching students all over the world for over two years using skype. So, spread the word to those that are far.

Other String Instrument Lessons are offered.

I teach other instruments besides guitar. I teach bass, mandolin, ukelele, steel guitar, banjo, and cuatro.

I have a page for Christmas.

My Christmas site has free tabs of Christmas songs and a brief history of Christmas.

The Spring Student Concert is on the horizon.

We are going to have a concert in the spring for the students to show case their talent. So, get ready now.

I have over 400 pages on my web site and blog.

The index of all the studies can be found on my Guitar Goodies Page. My blog is called Guitar Talk. Most of the pages are information, videos, and worksheets for guitar and mandolin. All are free.

To be eligible for discounts you must contact me directly by phone, text, or email. My phone number is 281.354.4456. Or, email me at this mailbox. Continue reading

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