Workshop on Lead, Melody, and Improvisation

The essence of lead, melody, and improvisation can be reduced to three elements: the major scale, the arpeggio, and the blues scale. Within these three elements, we find countless variations. The other essential scales can be found within them. When learning these elements, not only will you be playing great sounding riffs but also we will be examining what is occurring theoretically, exploring such concepts as scale and chord construction, intervals, and other essential elements for mastering the guitar.

What do I need? A guitar and a pick. BE IN TUNE before class. if you do not know how to tune, ask someone to help you before the class begins.

What do I need to know? You should know a few chords at least. If you are a total beginner you are welcome to watch.

How long is the class? One hour.

What is provided? The material will be pages from the instructors book. You are not required to buy the book. He will provide a web page where you can access the materials for free. However, the book will be available if you want to purchase it. For workshop students, the discount price is $15. The regular price is $25.

How To Play Guitar By Brian Turner



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