What are intervals?

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Hello sir! do you have a lesson on the numbers? for example you mentioned Root 3, 5 for the C chord. What does that mean?

Hi Wilner, Good question. I discuss intervals briefly (too briefly) in this cuatro video (about 2/3 into it):

But, I presume you play guitar. I should do a video on intervals because it is one of the most important concepts you will need for guitar. Interval are the notes of the major scale. There are seven notes in the major scale (cdefgab). Each note is given a number name (1234567). All notes are identified as intervals (numbers). For example, the note G is a 5th interval. G# (a note one fret higher) is called a #5 (pronounced sharp 5). Chords are constructed from intervals. For example, 1 3 5 = C major triad. I have tons of materials I use for my students you are welcome to use. Here is one on the subject of intervals:


This is guitar goodies with hundreds of pages I use to teach:

http://www.guitarlessonsbybrian.com/home/guitar-goodies-by-brian-turner/ I hope this helps and keep picking!

I discuss interval in more detail in my book:

How To Play Guitar: Introduction

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