Essential Listening: Django Reinhardt

Whether you are an artist, poet, writer, architect, or a musician it is essential to study the masters and classics to gain knowledge in your chosen field. Listening and watching great musicians inspires the guitar student to practice more and work harder to achieve his goals. Part of being a good musician is finding good music to listen to. Creating a library of music is very important for the guitar student. To do so, we need  to dig much deeper than the local radio stations. Go to the roots of the tree. Find out who your favorite guitarists listened to. The sources for research are unlimited with today’s technology.

Django is the man! He is the father of jazz guitar. Books have been written about the gypsy jazz guitarist. His left hand was terribly maimed in a fire in the wagon of his gypsy caravan. He overcame the handicap to become the most influential jazz guitarist of all time. He unknowingly created a school of virtuoso disciples. Visit Hot Club Radio  and you’ll see what I mean. (Django made his mark playing in the Quintette of the  Hot Club of France. Anytime you see the two words ‘Hot Club’ in conjunction with jazz and swing it is music in the style of Django and Stephane Grappelli). A few of my favorites songs are Lime House Blues, Tears, Swing 42, Oriental Shuffle and Nuages.